About Us

    Manhattan Studies Institute has an innovative solution to help all our students build their future careers. We are begin by collecting all your previous credentials and build the path to your degree or diplomas. We'll learn about your skills or about your targets and will create a solution to implement for your success to fulfill your dream.

    We are proud to introduce our BRICK Method in professional education.

    The BRICK Method is the solution for your success in education and in finding the best opportunity in any field for yourself. Your first Bricks of success in career is starting with us.

    We are your instructors, educators and consultants. We are your team, ready to help you succeed.

    We are instructors with Manhattan Studies Institute, who specialize in online training in the IT & Management field with focus on Cyber Security, Technology Management and Digital Marketing. We have a wide range of educational services and courses that help professionals become more efficient, secure and effective.

    We have the top industry experts in the IT and Digital Marketing field that can help with any IT or Marketing educational degrees or professional certificates. Our specialty is online training and customized online education that covers subjects from Cyber Security, Digital Marketing to Project Management. Our online education is up to date and our student support system is included in the course tuition.

    You will have access to educational programs that you never dreamed about:

    • Help with designing course paths that will give you the best certificates for the market
    • Deliver the designing tools for increasing your visibility online even during the studies
    • State of the art LAB with real life hands on simulation
    • Online training with double certification solution: combined CISCO Academy Certificates with our certificates
    • Join the best online degree training as TOP-UP degree solution
    • Build your credentials to qualify for J1 student visa (USA visa) in order to have access to a variety of internships in the USA
    • Build your credentials to have access to a variety of temporary jobs in the USA
    • All the online courses are affordable and include training, support, placement support for the modern online times

     We are your instructors, educators and we are focusing on each student, we are not using the cohort education, we understand that each student has an individual dream and career path. We are your team and we'll help using your BRICKS of success.

    Be ready and start your career by using the Brick Method:

    B - bring your credentials

    R - recognition and rewards embedded in your future path

    I - innovative solution in professional higher educatio

    C - creativity in implementing your unique solution

    K - kick-start your career

    Manhattan Studies Institute provides 223 online dynamic and interactive virtual training programs that individuals and companies can participate in at their own pace. These educational programs range from basic Microsoft Office 365 to CISSP Certifications or from introductory in networking to professional CISCO certificates (CCNP) or bachelor in informational technology or masters in business administration. Our virtual learning programs help increase employee retention and daily productivity.

    We are building your professional skills and then convert them to higher education degrees, recognized internationally.

    What differentiates Manhattan Studies Institute from other educational providers is the quality of our instructors, the online customization that we provide, and the ability to tailor training to meet the needs of our clients. We provide a full range of consulting that includes where the student is at, how to move the student forward using the BRICK Method and provide the training and resources to make that happen. We value long-term partnerships and relationships. We will help you identify your education needs and help provide the optimal training for you or for organization systems, applications, budget and time restraints. We will help professionals to increase their online visibility of their own credentials by providing personal brand and fully customized app.

    Once an organization has an IT strategy, we help provide a feasible way to implement these initiatives. Some organizations choose onsite training or joining an already scheduled training. A third option is to have virtual training for increasing knowledge and certifications. We provide a full-range of IT Certification classes that individuals and companies can participate at their own pace.

    Our Mission is to provide high-quality, customized, information technology online training and digital marketing solutions with worldwide delivery.
    Partnering with our clients, we empower organizations to create stronger, more efficient and more secure cultures. Partnering with international professionals, we empower all, with the tools for the current and future job markets: training, designing career, job placement support.

    What we are ready to do for you?

    Create Real Opportunities and implement the BRICK Method

    We train you for future jobs with affordable tuition and build your presence online by designing your personal brand app.

    What You’ll Learn

    • You will learn to design, build, maintain and troubleshoot computer network systems anywhere they are used, including corporations, offices, banks, hospitals, schools and government businesses.
    • You will learn to design and build a digital marketing plan by using all online modern tools.
    • You will learn that you are the best brand for your field and that you need to increase your online visibility.
    • You will learn to find the best job opportunities for you.
    • You will learn to select the best courses that build your credentials for the degree

    What You’ll Do and Where You’ll Work

    You can work as a network administrator, network security administrator, information systems manager, computer network architect, digital marketing manager, social media manager and much more.

    You will work to build your personal brand and make you visible for the market.

    What You’ll Make

    The average national median wage is $60,000 per year, with an entry-level salary of about $40,000. This is a field with a high job growth rate of more than 20 percent. Apply and enroll now and connect to your future!

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